If you couldn’t tell by the domain name, we are dedicated to discussing some of Kentucky’s well-known stereotypes. Each tab represents a certain stereotype and will help show that they are still relevant in Kentucky. We will discuss the relevance of the four stereotypes listed; Jack will discuss KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and incest-related stereotypes while Nathan will talk about those involving horses and racism in Kentucky. There may be some opinions stated throughout our website. Contrary to popular belief, opinions are NOT facts, so please read carefully. All opinions will be stated with an “I.” Feel free to roam around and see what Kentucky is all about. If you’re from Kentucky, these may cause a chuckle. If you’re from out of state, just remember that not all stereotypes are true. We hope that we have covered the most popular- maybe infamous is a better word choice- stereotypes that Kentucky has been “blessed” with. Although stereotypes have a negative connotation, we chose to discuss them because stereotypes come from a shred truth based on the state’s history, culture, and traditions. To get from page to page, click on an option on the right margin. Thank you and enjoy! – Jack and Nathan